Hon. Chief Minister’s Message

I am grateful to H. E. the President of Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka, Mr. Maithreepala Sirisena about offering me the office of Chief Minister of Western Provincial Council which bears the theme “the pioneer among the provincial public institutions that provides an excellent public service”. My intention is to sacrifice utmost strength, courage to build up a developed province enriched with mutual co-operation for the entire community living in the Western Province.

As the Minister of Finance, Planning, Engineering Services, Law and Order, Local Government and Provincial Administration, Economic Promotion, Power and Energy, Environmental Affairs, Water Supply and Drainage and Tourism Affairs with the support from the Secretary of the ministry to all officers and the staff, we are devoted to discharge a better service for the public. And we highly consider that it is the responsibility of our Ministry to provide our service to the people of the province proportionally transferring diversity of the province not to a challenge but in to a blessing.

Isura Devapriya
Chief Minister – Western Province