are an efficient and productive establishment system with the goal of fulfilling community needs under good governance.

Our vision

The pioneer among the provincial public institutions that provides an excellent public service.

Our mission for it is

To provide physical, human, financial, technical and training facilities for the establishment system that operate under the purview of the ministry to contribute for policy planning of those establishments and creating establishment structures and to build up an establishment system that fulfills public needs efficiently under good governance while subjecting them for a proper supervision and evaluation.

  • Establishment activities of the officers serving in the Ministry and other institutions that operate under it
  • Presentation of appropriation accounts and advance accounts of the Ministry and other institutions that operate under it to the Auditor General and financial administration with instructions on account activities
  • Investigating problems of the Ministry and other institutions that operate under it and providing explanations relevant for solving them
  • Making and implementation of policies
  • Planning and operation of projects
  • Regulation and supervision
  • Progress control and coordination
Establishment DivisionOrganizing activities of the Ministry, institutions belong to the Ministry, staffs of the Authorities, Minister and the Ministers’ staff
Planning DivisionMaking and implementation of policies
Accounts DivisionFinancial management of the Ministry and Institutions belong to the Ministry and proper guidance for accounting activities