Are an efficient and productive establishment system with the goal of fulfilling community needs under good governance.

Our vision

Pioneer of sustainable development in the Western Province

Our mission for it is

Providing a commendable public service through a skilled and friendly human resource

Our Goals

  • Providing necessary guidance and advice to the departments and institutions under the Ministry in line with the National and Provincial Vision.
  • Fulfilling the terms of service of the staff of the Ministry, Department and Institutions
  • Implementation, monitoring, coordination and progress review of development projects and programs to achieve the objectives as per the Annual Action Plan.
  • Obtaining investigation reports on complaints received from the public in the province through various sources and taking necessary actions.
  • Development of infrastructure facilities required at the institutional level for the sustainable development of the province.

Our Functions

  • Maintaining the establishment matters of the officers working in the Ministry and the institutions under it.
  • Submitting Appropriation Accounts and Advance Accounts of the Ministry and its institutions to the Auditor General and administering the financial affairs by advising on accounting matters.
  • Investigating the problems of the institutions under the Ministry and providing relevant explanations to solve them.
  • Preparation, approval, monitoring and progress review of the annual action plan for all subjects.
  • Establishing, updating and operating evaluation of the institutional results framework
  • Preparation of Annual Capital Estimate
  • Identifying, planning and implementing development programs and projects
  • Implementation of the ISO Quality Management Policy
  • Directing and providing financial, technical, legal and other services to the department and statutory bodies belonging to the Ministry to achieve the objectives of the Ministry.